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Dionnara Dawson knew she wanted to be a writer at fourteen years old.

She spent most of her formative years with her nose in a book (and getting in trouble for it!), and even walked around school while reading.

As she grew, Dionnara read as much as possible, and took delight in studying English more than her college recommended (four units of English is perfectly normal, right?).

At twenty-one, she enrolled in a Bachelor of Writing and a Bachelor of Journalism at university—while working as a bartender—and met her affable boyfriend in one of her classes, who she now lives with in Australia.

Dionnara writes in local cafés, at her desk, and in her wingback armchair.


This is the author’s debut novel and it’s fantastic. It’s fast paced, packed with action and it kept me turning the pages.

Goodreads Review

Feathers, Tails &

If you're a lover of witchy YA fantasy then I'm sure you'll fall in love with this series.

Goodreads Review

Feathers, Tails &

It’s well written with a great storyline that will just grab you and not let go, and the characters are awesome.

Goodreads Review

Firstborn Legacy



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