Praise for Heir to the Underworld

"This book is just fantastic. Not only is it action packed (and you wish the main character would just listen to you), but there’s some seriously beautiful relationships that bloom and lots of character development."

"I absolutely loved this book - how it was written, the plot and the characters... I don’t wanna give away the plot so please read this it’s sooo worth it!"

"I loved this book...I finished this book only a couple hours after it being sent to me and am anxiously waiting for the next one."

"I demolished this book pushing everything else to the side while doing so. Fantasy wasn’t my “thing” but I tell you what, this book has changed me. It made me see this genre in a different light and I am thankful. Don’t sleep on this author. Her words weaved such a beautiful story I wanted to cry at the end of the book because I wanted more. Bring on the magic D.H. Dawson. I’m over here impatiently waiting for book 2 to drop. Read this book!"